Dentist Parramatta

Plus Medical Clinic

Did you know that Plus Medical Clinic now offers dental services for the residents in the Parramatta area? To keep your teeth and gums healthy, it is recommended that you visit a dentist every 6 months. Our qualified dental team provides professional dental care from routine cleaning to advanced dental treatments. If you are looking for a friendly dentist in Parramatta, Plus Medical Clinic is the best place to call.

Dental services offered

  • Dental check-ups – Twice a year, it is important to visit your dentist in Parramatta. These routine check-ups allow your dentist to examine your teeth for any possible tooth decay and your gums for any signs of disease. After the evaluation, your dentist will let you know if he recommends any further treatment. At this point, we allow you to make your own decisions about your teeth without pressuring you into an instant answer.
  • General dentistry – General dentistry covers a wide range of normal dental treatments for our patients. This can include dental x-rays, teeth cleaning, fillings, dental inlays, crowns and extractions. Whatever your dental needs, our dentists in Parramatta offer excellent dental treatments while making you feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening – Creating beautiful smiles is one of the most satisfying achievements of dentistry. Our dentists are fully trained to improve your smile with laminates, veneers, tooth-coloured fillings and professional teeth whitening.

Excellent patient care

At Plus Medical Clinic, we understand that some of our clients are anxious about visiting a dental office. Our professional staff goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and at ease. Especially with the latest advancements in dental technology, many dental treatments are virtually painless. Moreover, our innovative booking system cuts down on frustrating wait times and lengthy delays. We respect your time and our staff is dedicated to make your dental visit both efficient and pleasant.

Book an appointment today!

At Plus Medical Clinic, we are open seven days. Our parking area is conveniently located at the rear of the clinic for easy access to the office. Best of all, you can call our office to book an appointment or visit us online to schedule your routine dental check-ups or other dental treatments. Now there is no reason to put off your visit to the dentist Parramatta any longer. Remember, your teeth deserve to be treated right!

To book an appointment, call 02 9630 9970